World’s Oldest Marathoner Runs for Women’s Rights

World’s Oldest Marathoner Runs for Women’s Rights

It isn’t out of the ordinary for marathons to be used as an outlet to raise awareness about a certain issue. What is out of the ordinary is having a marathon runner whose age is in the triple digits.

Fauja Singh, who holds the world record for oldest runner is soon to retire the inspirational title. However, before he does, he plans to run for a cause that has become dear to his heart.

Coined the “Turbaned Tornado”, the runner of Punjabi-Sikh descent is running to bring more attention to the unfair rules and practices against women in India. Singh notes specifically an unfortunate event of a heinous rape that resulted in the death of an Indian woman in his country of origin and sparked total outrage among much of its female population. Singh wants to show that it is not only the women that think what is happening is wrong. He wants to show his support and represent the men who also think that this is unacceptable.

Fauja is set to run in the mini-marathon coordinated by a Punjabi paper, the Rozana Spokesman, in an effort to bring attention to the violations of the human rights of Indian women and serve as a facilitator for positive change.

“Though we all need money to survive, but it is not necessary to be greedy. Ohi sunno jo samajh aa javey, te ohi khao jo hajum ho javey (Listen that only what you can relate to and eat only what can be digested Singh says. “I am pained to listen that my daughters, grand-daughters and great grand-daughters are no longer safe.”


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